Senin, 03 Januari 2011

Cara Membuat NeoStats IRCD di linux [ install Neostats ]

Neostats adalah sebuah aplikasi stats ircd yang digunakan untuk memantau user yang masuk ke irc server

Pertama2 unduh/download file yg di bawah :
[root@ANASKI][:~]# wget
Setelah selesai lakukan perintah ekstrak file dengan perintah :
[root@ANASKI][:~]# tar -xvf NeoStats-2.5.1.tar.gz
kemudian masuk ke directory dg perintah :
[root@ANASKI][:~]# cd NeoStats-2.5.1
Berikutnya lakukan Perintah untuk kompilasi paket dengan perintah :
[root@ANASKI/NeoStats-2.5.1][:~]# ./configure –enable-unreal32
[root@ANASKI/NeoStats-2.5.1][:~]# make
[root@ANASKI/NeoStats-2.5.1][:~]# make install
Kemudian kembali ke menu awal dan masuk ke neostats, perintah :
[root@ANASKI/NeoStats-2.5.1][:~]# cd ..
[root@ANASKI][:~]# cd NeoStats
Selesaikan dengan :
[root@ANASKI/NeoStats][:~]# ./makeconf
What will your server name be? (ie:
[] -> <--- What is your IRC server's IP? (ie: [] -> <--- Use IP That was given by Voodoohosting. What is the IRCd's Link port? (ie: 7890) [6667] -> <--- Port that is opened on HUB Server for Servers\Links. What is the IRCd's Link password for stats? (ie: bleh) [LinkPass] -> <--- Password for connecting. ( C\N lines in IRCDs server). NeoStats Server comment? [NeoStats 2.5 IRC Statistical Server!] -> <--- Description of your NeoStats Server. Network name? (refer to your networks file. ie: CyberChat-IRC) [SomeNet-IRC] -> <--- Name of your Network. The host NeoStats is connecting from, most people use [NeoStats.Net] -> <--- NeoStats User? (This is the part before [Neo] -> <--- Ident for NeoStats. What channel should NeoStats join on IRC? [#services] -> <--- Channel that NeoStats will auto join on startup. Time in seconds we wait before attempting to reconnect to the server on a split? [10] -> <--- Time in seconds we wait before attempting to reconnect to the server on a split. What IP should NeoStats Bind to? (ie: This is optional. See neostats.cfg for more information [] -> <--- Use IP that was given by
[root@ANASKI/NeoStats][:~]# pico neostats.cfg
# NO_LOAD [YOU MUST REMOVE THIS] # If this is in the neostats.cfg your NeoStats WILL NOT START UP. To # disable this simply comment this line out. e.g. # # NO_LOAD <- NeoStats will not load. # # #NO_LOAD <- NeoStats will load. NO_LOAD <--- Set # in front of NO_LOAD (ex. #NO_LOAD). # LOAD_MODULE [OPTIONAL] # What modules to load at start-up. e.g. # # LOAD_MODULE statserv # # Will load up StatServ at boot # # Multiple instances of LOAD_MODULE may be specified # this is the StatServ Module #LOAD_MODULE statserv <--- If you want to ENABLE this Module remove #. #This is a new module. LoveServ, send a rose, hug, kiss, chocolate, etc to that # Special IRC Somebody. :D #LOAD_MODULE loveserv <--- If you want to ENABLE this Module remove #. # The HostServ module provides vhost services #LOAD_MODULE hostserv <--- If you want to ENABLE this Module remove #. # MoraleServ. A fun module to cheer people up. #LOAD_MODULE moraleserv <--- If you want to ENABLE this Module remove #. # ConnectServ will watch all connections to the network and can report them # to the services channel. It can also watch and report Nickname changes. #LOAD_MODULE connectserv <--- If you want to ENABLE this Module remove #. #SERVICE_ROOTS [OPTIONAL] # Who should get access to NeoStats regardless of their O line flags. # You can specify this option up to 10 times to specify different # nicks who will be allowed this privilege. e.g. # # SERVICE_ROOTS fish!?Fish@* # # Will give “fish” access to NeoStats Privileged commands if fish has # Umode +r and comes from the specified hostname and ident. #SERVICE_ROOTS Shmad!? #SERVICE_ROOTS ^Enigma^!*@*.au <--- Fix this to NICKNAME\IDENT\HOSTNAMEs of your ROOT Admins. #SERVICE_ROOTS Fish!?Fish@* Semoga Bermanfaat :D

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